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Containerised Incinerators to UNICEF Nigeria

20 May 2020, Wednesday

Macrotec’s Containerised Incinerators helps dispose of medical waste in Nigeria, to help prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Macrotec has been the awarded the contract to supply 16 fully containerised incinerators to UNICEF in Nigeria, for use at small at regional hospitals and clinics. These incinerators will be used for the disposal of medical waste, to increase health standards in these remote areas, and to help prevent the outbreak and spread of highly contagious diseases such as Ebola.

Each incinerator is completely pre-installed in a container, allowing for fast deployment, especially to rural areas or to areas without established infrastructure. The solution is also economical for temporary camps or areas where building costs are too high.

These containerised incinerators will provide a critical service in these areas, safeguarding the local population from contaminated and infectious wastes, and improving the health system.

Macrotec’s solution for the disposal of medical and other hazardous wastes provides a high temperature, low emissions method. Each unit is manufactured with Reliability and Quality in mind to ensure low downtime, especially when operating in remote areas.

Medical waste has become a major problem in Nigeria, due a massive population, a high population and economic growth rates, increasing the demand for health care facilities. Compared to over 600 incinerator plants operating in Western Europe, Nigeria has a handful of facilities at a few teaching hospitals and private companies. This leaves the majority of the population in danger of infectious medical waste landing on dump sites.

This problem is especially acute in regional hospitals, producing a substantial amount of medical waste, but are too far from large centralised incinerators. Poor transport infrastructure in many areas adds further problems, forcing hospitals to try and burn waste in antiquated incinerators, or simply dumping the waste.

This project headed by UNICEF will start addressing the issue, providing regional hospitals with containerised incinerators without large changes needed to infrastructure. Macrotec’s containerised incinerators will not only improve the health infrastructure by properly disposing of medical waste but also improve environmental management by decreasing emissions.

This strategy can be supplemented with larger centralised Incinerators in major cities that are equipped with the latest emissions prevention technology, also manufactured by Macrotec, striking the balance between providing a critical service in outlying areas and the lowest possible emissions in more populated areas.

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