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Hot Water Tanks at Life Hospital

21 May 2020, Thursday

Macrotec hot water tanks used for energy efficient system

Macrotec recently completed the supply of 4 x 4,000L hot water tanks for the new Life Hospital in Hilton. Hot water will be generated using heat pumps, ensuring energy efficient generation.

Macrotec’s tanks were chosen for the project due to the higher Quality offered, longer lifespan and superior coatings.

Hot water tanks, also called calorifiers, boilers or vessels, are used to store bulk hot water. The water is heated by either electrical elements, heat pumps, steam or waste heat, providing options for energy efficient systems. To this end Macrotec has ensured that our tanks and vessels are designed to be compatible with any of these options, and we also offer further customization to the exact customer needs.

All Macrotec tanks and vessels are compliant with SANS 347 and Health & Safety regulations, following the ASME VIII div 1 design code, giving client peace of mind and no regulatory troubles down the line.

All Macrotec welders are also certified to ASME IX To ensure trouble-free operation, Macrotec only uses graded plate and provides extra material thickness due to the low water quality in many areas. Each tank and vessel is also supplied with a sacrificial anode to prevent corrosion.

To bring this all together in a great product, Macrotec does all manufacturing in-house, with no sub-contractors used. This helps us check and ensure quality every step of the way.

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