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Hot Water Vessels at Matatiele Prison

20 May 2020, Wednesday

Macrotec chosen for hot water vessels with heat pumps

Macrotec recently completed the supply of hot water vessels at Matatiele Prison, with heat pumps generating hot water in an energy efficient system. Two 3,000L and one 1,500L vessels were supplied, which forms part of a larger upgrade at the prison.

Macrotec’s vessels are renowned for their high Quality and regulatory compliance, with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification, and ASME IX welding procedure, procedure qualification and welder qualification certification. Our stringent quality control procedures compliment these certifications to ensure the highest compliance and reliability. Our certifications and procedures not only ensures the best Quality and Reliability, but makes us one of the few vessel manufacturers to comply to SANS 347 and the Pressure Equipment Regulations.

We utilise ASME BVP Sec VIII D.1 to design our vessels, with an average corrosion allowance of 1.75mm on the dished ends, and 2.8mm on the shell, for a very long lifespan no matter what the water quality. Each vessel is internally coated with glassflake epoxy, with wet and dry film thickness testing conducted. Vessels are also supplied with sacrificial anodes, that in combination with the high corrosion allowance and durable coating, provides an expected lifetime of over 10 years with multiple safeguards.