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Incinerator supplied to Twigg mine for hazardous waste.

20 May 2020, Wednesday

Macrotec manufactured and supplied a Containerised Incinerator to Twigg mine for the safe destruction of hazardous waste.

Macrotec has completed the manufacture of a containerised Incinerator for Twigg Mine. The incinerator will be used at the remote mine to dispose of waste that cannot be dumped or disposed of otherwise, ensuring the safe disposal of these wastes without compromising the community health.

The incinerator has been pre-installed in a container, ensuring easy and low-cost transport, fast commissioning on-site, and minimal building or civil works required.

Industrial and mining sites produce large amounts of waste, many of which is hazardous or dangerous to people or could damage the environment. Many of these wastes are also accidentally re-used by the local community, and could lead to serious health issues, such as chemically contaminated packaging, PPE and similar materials.

Unfortunately, many of these sites are in remote areas where services and infrastructure does not exist to safety dispose of these hazardous wastes. Fortunately, responsible firms such as Twigg are being pro-active about these issues, and ensure these materials are disposed of safety.

The MacroBurn Containerised Incinerator disposes of the waste in a high-temperature process with a long retention time, ensuring complete destruction of the waste and complete combustion of gasses.

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