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Medical Waste Incinerator for Windhoek Municipality

20 May 2020, Wednesday

Medical Waste Incinerator for the brand new Health Care Risk Waste Facility in Windhoek

Macrotec is currently manufacturing a new medical waste Incinerator for the City of Windhoek, complete with filtration and dry gas scrubbing to comply with the latest EU regulations. The plant will form part of the brand new Health Care Risk Waste Facility (HCRW) facility to service the municipal area, and brings great relief to an area struggling with medical waste.

Windhoek will become one of the first African cities to comply with the latest levels of emissions regulations, leading the way not only on the low emission levels, but also the high standards of treating medical waste.

This facility will ensure that the health system of the city will strengthen and prevent the spread of infectious diseases and accidental contamination in densely populated areas. The destruction of needles and other hazardous wastes in such a manner prevent these wastes from ending on landfill sites, often in the hands of children.

Macrotec incinerators treat medical waste using high-temperature combustion, which ensures the complete destruction of lethal pathogens. The high temperature, combined with strictly controlled air supply and long retention/reaction times ensure full combustion takes place. Flue gas is also cleaned utilising a dry gas scrubber to remove acid gasses such as HCl, heavy metals such as mercury, along with dioxins and furans. Flue gas also passes through a Ceramic Filtration plant to remove the particulate matter to below 3mg/m³.

Currently, Namibia produces an estimated 1,950 tons of medical waste per year, but figures are hard to come by with no recent research done, and could be much more. That being said, the new facility will be able to process a large portion of the waste, especially seeing as most medical waste is being produced in the Windhoek region. In one stroke the local government will be able to alleviate the years of suffering experienced by the community, and greatly increase the health system and environmental management.

Read more about the new HCRW facility here.

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